June 8, 2023
This Week's Speaker is Wes Ory, Commodore, Jacomo Sailing Club. The Topic is: "Building a Love of Sailing in the Kansas City Area and Beyond."

My first experience with a sailboat was in 2015.  I was fortunate enough to board a whale watching trip around San Juan Island, near Seattle, on a 42’ sloop.  The captain was new to chartering and allowed us to “help him” sail. I was blown away with the beauty and challenges of sailing!  

Upon returning to reality here in Kansas City, I actively pursued this art, science and a little bit of Voodoo that they call sailing.  I joined the Learn to Sail lessons and Boat Share program at Jacomo Sailing Club in 2018 to be able to sail everyday.  In October of the following year, I bought my bright yellow Sweet 16, Slainte Mhath.  I spent the winter cleaning and learning fiberglass and other skills thanks to several members of the club.  You can find my wife Beth and I at the lake many Wednesday’s most every Sunday sailing Slainte.  

Since then I have also been lucky enough to have a J27 follow me home from the Great Lakes.  Hold The Line (J27) has helped me continue to translate small boat skills to bigger boats.  I am always trying to continue to learn and volunteer to help anyone and will go almost anywhere.  This led me to my most recent adventures of crewing for some Great Lakes Racing on a J35, competing in the Chicago/Mac, the Huron/Mac, and the Trans Superior races in 2021.